4 Ways Facebook Bots Can Help Your Business

Facebook Messenger Bots

Do your customers ask you questions on Facebook? Maybe you get some comments or complaints here or there? If this is the case, you might want to consider using Facebook bots. Facebook bots are a way that allow for your business to design an immediate and automatic response system to queries such as these. Facebook bots are able to answer basic questions regarding anything that you might frequently get in regards to your business. This can be as simple and routine as your online store’s return policy, or as customized as customer feedback.

Facebook Bots

Mark Zuckerberg, the infamous CEO of Facebook, previously announced the use of these bots on the Facebook platform.  This caused a lot of hype, and rightfully so. Businesses stand to gain a lot from the use of these bots that other networks have already taken great advantage of. This announcement has the potential to revolutionize how businesses work and interact with their customers- this is one of the best things you can do to improve your business.

How do they work might you ask? Well, they work in conjunction with Facebook Messenger. It can be used along side the Wit.ai Bot Engine– the program that turns language into structured data. Here are four reasons ways Facebook bots can be useful for business.

1. Facebook Bots Can Help You Improve Interaction With Your Customers

The communications you have with your clients, and the relationships you build, say a lot about your company. It is important that you nurture these important relationships to the best of your ability. This is where the Facebook Bot comes in extreme handiness. The Wit.ai bot is useful in helping the Facebook Bot improve interaction between companies and customers. This means that bots are now able to understand conversational language (like what would be used in a Facebook conversation), and respond adequately.

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The bot cannot only understand the conversation, but it can use that data to improve each and every interaction. Awesome! This is what we nowadays call artificial intelligence software. This interaction between businesses and their clients is something that is unique to this century. Taking advantage of this is the best way for businesses to get ahead in this competitive market. Customer satisfaction can make or break you, especially when review sites are rampant and hold a lot of weight these days.

2. Use Your Facebook Bots to Personalize the Content You Send to Consumers

Some businesses use these chatbots in order to focus on their content. It can even serve as a simple extension to a company’s content marketing strategy. The user barely has to do any work in order for these bots to create a short-term relationship and offer immediate support to their clients. This is extremely helpful in making your clients feel both comfortable and taken care of- something that businesses are able to thrive on.

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3. Use Facebook Bots for Advertising Business Promotions and Services

Chatbots such as the Facebook Bots have progressed from the application world. It is the next coherent step into customer satisfaction because they allow even more options for automation and are made simple for their clients because they can be used alongside their favorite, and the most common apps like Facebook Messenger. So, your business can offer simple services like making account changes, updating billing information, and changing anything like email addresses and personal data to viewing orders (new and old). There are a lot of things that these bots are able to promote to your customers that will ultimately make your life easier along with theirs.

4. Your Facebook Bots Help You Monetize Social Media

Everyone uses social media. This is obviously why the need for bots on these apps is a good place for businesses to start in their advertising. There are various forms of social media advertising, but chatbots specifically focus on delivering messages through Facebook Messenger. Chatbots allow users to view, browse, and even purchase services and products on their Messenger App. This is an extremely accessible mode of advertising and interaction with clients. This is also good for the consumer, as they are able to purchase things and compare products for the best deals, all from their convenient tablets and phones.

Some big name companies have already started implementing Facebook bots. Kayak uses them to make the search for airport codes and check-in dates easier. Bank of America uses it for alerts about spending and customer services. You will still need to monitor the bot and its individual interactions with customers. Also, Burberry utilizes their Messenger bots for product recommendations as well as content marketing. It can be a hard job, but the Facebook bot can significantly improve (at least has the potential to improve) relationships and interactions.

In conclusion, Facebook Bots CAN indeed help your business, including making you some extra money. This is if your audience is on Facebook and if you can actually support the inbound customer inquiries. You will also need to keep up with the overall customer relationships that you are constantly building and nurturing.

Biography: Hanna Johnson has been a freelance writer for the past few years. After completing her studies, she decided to travel and became inspired to write. She loves writing about new online trends and technology, and how they intertwine with business and marketing. You can find her on Twitter (@Hanna_J) and Google Plus.

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4 Ways Facebook Bots Can Help With Your Business