5 Things I Do Every Month To Keep My Blog Business in Good Shape


As an influencer and blogger, what we do goes beyond writing. We are running businesses that go beyond writing reviews and op-eds. So, we need to do maintenance on these businesses of ours monthly, to make sure everything is in tip top shape.

5 Things I Do Every Month To Keep My Blog Business in Good Shape Featured

Check my analytics

I check how my blog did. How many pageviews and unique visitors did I get? What post was most popular? Was it a record-breaking month for me? Also, on my social media. How much did I grow my following? I just like knowing where I stand and the numbers tell us a lot. I get to see if there were any spikes in my traffic and it informs me of what I’m serving up that works.

Update my media kit

I update my media kit every month to make sure it has my latest blog stats, any new major awards I got or sometimes to even add more pages. When I first had my kit created, it was 12 pages. It’s grown to 15. It’s a PDF that looks good so those 3 extra pages don’t make too much of a difference.

This monthly update also lets me send it to people to give them a chance to remember me again and to be at the top of their email. If you haven’t been in touch with a PR person or brand in a while, it’s a good way to get back on their brain rolodex. Re-introduce yourself.

Update my websites

I check out my websites and update them. Is my “About” page good? Are my latest speaking engagements listed and old ones dragged under “PAST?” Did I win any awards or get any new press? This way, my website serves as a constant way to keep up with my happenings, and folks can always refer to it.

Brand New Information

If I’m on the go, for example, I can direct folks to my Luvvie.org site to grab my bio if needed. Or if my publicist needs to know where I’m appearing next. She can go straight to my page to find out.

Do a budget recap

I like to look back on the month to see how much I made and how much I spent. What invoices are outstanding? What contracts have I signed whose work I’ve done? What’s coming up for me in the next month? Having this financial recap and outlook lets me keep my spending in check too. If there are no deposits happening this month, I better chill on how much I ball out.

Create priority task list for the month

What do I need to accomplish that month? What are some key things coming down the pipeline? What events do I need to prepare for? This task list can always bring you back to where you should be if your mind drifts or if you just don’t know where to start work-wise. It will help you create a more focused to-do list. The months where I don’t create one of these, I’m not as productive.

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5 Things I Do Every Month To Keep My Blog Business in Good Shape