How to Work Productively on a Plane

How to Work Productively on a Plane

Working productively on a plane is easier said than done. From cramped space to limited access to communicating with those 39,000 feet below, the barriers are pretty big to overcome. Instead of working, you might want to just give up all together and take a nap instead. But for those times when the work needs to get done by the time you land, there are a few tricks of the working-on-the-plane trade that’ll set you up to do work and do it efficiently.

  1. Book an aisle seat.

Thinking proactively and planning ahead can make working on a plane a lot more comfortable. Book an aisle seat to give yourself the most space to work. An aisle seat can allow for some elbow room you wouldn’t likely have in a middle or window seat.

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  1. Get connected.

With airborne Go-Go In-Flight Wi-Fi, you can stay connected with your colleagues on the ground while up in the air. T-Mobile offers free Wi-Fi for customers on their first hour of flight as well as unlimited in-flight texting. This is especially useful for frequent flyers that travel on a regular basis for work and can’t afford to lose time and production in the air. You’ll be able to use the internet and email from your devices without a hitch.

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  1. Pack portable, compact devices for work.

If working on a plane is integral for your job, make the investment in light, compact and portable devices. Tablets that have keyboard attachments are ideal for working on a plane because they don’t take up that much space on that small fold-up table. You can also opt for an ultra-lightweight laptop like a MacBook Air. It’s powerful and a cinch to lug around in the carry on.

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  1. Stay charged.

Before you board, make sure you charge all your gadgets that you’ll need for work. You’ll preemptively avoid the risk of not being able to do your job due to technical difficulties. In addition to pre-charging our devices, bring a portable battery charger. Pick one that can charge multiple and various types of devices. The RAVPower Portable External Battery Charger is a top choice for travelers due to its three ports, compact design and powerful charging abilities.

  1. Make a game plan.

Well before your flight takes off, set a game plan for the work you’re about to attempt. Think about all the details so nothing falls through the cracks or derails your productivity. This means creating a timeline of when each task should be accomplished, exactly what information you’ll need to complete each to-do and what end goals you’ll want to meet by the time the flight’s over. Holding yourself accountable for the work you set out to do can make all the difference when it comes to doing work on a plane.

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  1. Eat and drink strategically.

What you drink and eat can affect your productivity on a plane. Avoid cashing in those free drink tickets if you plan to do work. Also, opt out of eating a heavy meal on or before the flight. Instead, eat light snacks that will fuel your brain and stay hydrated with water when you’re offered. You’ll be able to steer clear of the food coma and cloudy mind and be on you’re A-game on the plane.

  1. Wear noise-cancelling earbuds.

If you’re one to get easily distracted with anything and everything going on around you, being on a plane can be especially conducive to distraction. Try to block out the noise happening around you, like those screaming babies and the chit chat, and wear noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs if needed. It’s a small addition but a huge help when it comes to removing distractions.

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  1. Rest up before the flight.

Traveling in and of itself can be exhausting. If work needs to get done on the plane, try to rest up before the flight so you’re not tempted to take a nap instead. Disciplining yourself to get the sleep you need to have the proper energy to put into work on the plane will go a long way in your productivity levels.

Working outside your usual office space is hard enough—and trying to work on a plane adds an extra challenge. With these tips, you can increase productivity and get the work that needs to get done efficiently all while you fly.

How to Work Productively on a Plane