6 Ways that Technology Can Improve Your Health

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Technology has integrated itself in all aspects of our life. Although it may be overwhelming at times, it can also be extremely beneficial in our day-to-day living. When it comes to taking care of your health, technology is taking the forefront. Here are just a few ways technology is improving your health and well-being.

Increases Awareness

Connectivity and constant access to information has helped increase our awareness, specifically when it relates to health and well-being. You can now find out how many calories are in a twice- baked potato before you dive into it, the latest virus that’s going around or exactly how exercise helps reduce stress. Technology from mobile devices and internet to instant communication has enabled sharing and access to important health-related information. It’s helped to build awareness so that people can take the steps to prevent and avoid poor choices that would deter their health.

Provides Motivation

One aspect of trying to get healthy both mentally and physically is staying motivated. Whether you’re going through an emotionally rough time or having a tough time trying to trim down, you can connect with others who have gone through the same struggles and made it, and use their stories as your motivation. Reading a blog, following an Instagram, sharing a post—technology has created an online community that can be used for the greater good—a support system for your personal quest for optimal health and fitness.

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Tracks Fitness and Nutrition

There are so many devices and apps out there that help to track fitness and nutrition. Wearable technology has really spiked this trend. For example, the Lively Wearable devices are fitness trackers for seniors that can track their vitals and gear cognitive and physical exercises to their needs. The device also provides reminders of when to take medications and connects users to medical assistance during emergencies. Even devices you don’t even think about are tracking our health. You may not know it but your iPhone is tracking how many steps you’ve taken and that MyFitnessPal app you download on it is too, along with your calorie count.

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Improves Communication with Medical Professionals

Technology has paved the way for real-time communication in digital form. Instead of calling the doctor, digital platforms like MyChart have become platforms for medical practitioners and their patients to share lab results, send messages, set up appointments and keep records. Digital communication has improved the overall relationship between doctors, nurses and their patients. Medical professionals can easily access someone’s medical records to better prepare for a diagnosis or give educated advice based on what they know of a person’s medical history. The investment in maintaining good health is at everyone’s best interest and these digital platforms provide an easier way to facilitate communications between doctor and patient.

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Enables Preventative Healthcare

Technology has collectively improved the ability to detect and predict a medical condition sooner rather than later. For example, interpreting algorithms and gene mapping is all made possible by technology. By collecting a great deal of data and outlining it to see any significant trends, doctors can see if a person is at a higher risk of getting a disease and prescribe the necessary steps to prevent the illness from taking over. Screenings are also enabled by advanced lab technology. Cancer screening, for instance, uses technology to check for abnormal cells. Once an abnormal cell is detected, the steps to remove or treat the case can be done immediately to stop it from spreading or further developing.

Simulates, Rehabilitates and Excites

Virtual technology is beginning to show some great face in the healthcare world. Victims of severe burns can use it to help manage pain. VR systems that immerse burn patients in a polar world helps to distract them from pain signals during the rehabilitation process. VR devices and machines are also being implemented in the gym. The Icaros is a VR exercise machine where users lie in a plank position and take flight through various virtual settings, utilizing their core strength to control movements within the game. It’s just a glimpse at how technology is improving health and fitness and the potential is boundless.

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The worlds of health and technology have emerged. Today, there are so many different ways technology can improve our health. As it integrates itself into everyday life and advances at rapid pace, our health is on the line and primed for improvement with technology.

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