Why Every Avid Traveler Might Want to Switch to T-Mobile

Why Every Avid Traveler Might Want to Switch to T-Mobile

Let me start by saying I’m not being compensated for this post by T-Mobile or anybody else. I stand by it. If you’re a global citizen and avid traveler, you might want to think about jumping to T-Mobile for your phone’s plan. Currently, their international plans are arguably the best in the mobile industry. I don’t think any other company is even touching the features that T-Mobile is offering right now.

T-Mobile Has FREE International Data

With T-Mobile’s Simple Choice international plan, you can use your phone’s data FOR FREE in over 130 countries. It means you can step off a plane, turn on your phone and receive (and send) text messages without extra charge AND you can use your phone to access the internet and apps (FOR FREE).

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It might be slower, depending on where you are but it’s still FREE.99.

I’ve used my phone in Mexico when I was on vacation and I was skeptical and half expecting a giant bill but nothing changed about my bill. WIN. I’m headed to South Africa next week and I called T-Mobile to verify that it was one of the countries (it is). The list of countries included in this is HERE.

Also, to make phone calls while you’re abroad, it’s only 20 cents a minute. WIN.

T-Mobile Has FREE Wifi Calling

Wifi calling allows you to make calls while your phone is connected to a wifi network. Some phones already have this feature (like Androids) but when the new iPhone drops, every handset T-Mobile has will be able to do this too.

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Your phone can be set to automatically connect to wifi and do this, so you won’t have to enable it every time. Also, this makes texting free. This can come in handy especially if you’re in one of the countries not covered by the free international data plan. Connect to your hotel’s wifi and start making calls! This free wifi calling is enabled anywhere in the world where wireless access is available.

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The caveat is that you have to be calling the United States for this to be free. Keep that in mind.

As if all that wasn’t fist pump-worthy enough.

T-Mobile Has FREE In-Flight Texting

T-Mobile just announced a partnership with Gogo in-flight that will allow many of us to stop using the excuse of “I couldn’t text you back because I was in the air.”

TMobile Free In-Flight Text

Beginning on September 17, travelers will be able to connect to Gogo while flying on the U.S.-based airlines that are Gogo-enabled for no extra charge! Those airlines are: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, United, US Airways and Virgin America. This is HUGE! The sky is truly no longer the limit and people can reach you even when you’re in a rusty tin can over the clouds.

I do enjoy my peace and quiet that comes with being on a plane but this is some ground-breaking stuff that T-Mobile is offering. People really don’t have to disconnect and that’s definitely a gift and a curse. This will cut into many peoples’ in-flight nap times.

What T-Mobile just did is basically tell the other carriers “CHALLENGE!”


I’m actually looking forward to seeing what Verizon, Sprint and AT&T will do to compete with this because it’s hard to deny that T-Mobile is coming for ALL their customers.

In terms of T-Mobile’s service, they’re pretty good. When I first switched to the company last year, for a month I wasn’t getting calls and texts at home and I was pissed about it. When I shook my fists hard enough, they gave me courtesy credit and sent me a signal booster. It’s been smooth sailing ever since.

I travel about twice a month so the free data plan was a huge factor in me picking T-Mobile. The addition of these new features tells me I made the right choice. I’m here for all of it!

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Why Every Avid Traveler Might Want to Switch to T-Mobile

Update: I just came back from South Africa (and a stop in London) and I had 3G data the entire time I was there and good reception. My bill didn’t increase either. Total win!