7 Awesome Web Designers Who Are Women

Awesome Women Designers Ftd

Women are in Tech. We can design, we can code and we can specialize in developing online solutions. More women are represented in the field of technology than ever before, and the numbers are steadily rising as the doors continue to open for them to explore these career paths.

Although gender disparities and pay gaps still exist within the tech industry, many women are boldly leaving their footprints on this field, while kicking down doors and shattering the glass ceiling.

Below is a list of seven awesome women in the web industry who are making notable contributions by creating and shaping the online experiences of many. We salute the female web designers and developers who stand in the trenches by plowing through design layers, or meticulously writing clean lines of code in their efforts to make the Internet a fun space for us all. The unique perspectives that women bring to web design and development are invaluable: especially since women spend more time and money online than their male counterparts.

Women designers and developers have much to bring to the table, and are worthy of snatching every seat they can get.

Awesome Women Designers Ftd

SarahHunyYoungSarah Huny Young@hunysarahhunyyoung.com | supremeclientele.co

City: New Yorker currently living in Pittsburgh, PA
Current Gig: Freelance Art Director at Supreme Clientele

Huny has over 15 years of experience as a web designer and front-end developer. After earning her BFA from Howard University, she went on to work with several major entertainment brands including Black Entertainment Television (BET) and VIBE Magazine. She currently performs freelance design services under her company, Supreme Clientele where she has completed projects for various entertainers, magazines, start-ups, and other major brands.

Huny has also garnered a number of awards from The Black Weblog Awards and earned a Soul Train award in the category of “Best Soul Site” for her creative work at Soulbounce.com.

AdelleCharlesAdelle Charles@adellecharlesadellecharles.com | carbonads.net
City: Brooklyn, NY
Current Gigs: Visual Designer at Bitly and Founder of Carbon Ads

Adelle is responsible for all things visual at our favorite URL shortening service provider Bitly, where she maintains the consistency of the brand across multiple platforms. She creates clean, meaningful designs while finding inspiration in the process that gets her there. She also founded two web-based networks, Carbon Ads and Fuel Brand, Inc., which were later acquired by Buy Sell Ads Inc. and Design Crowd, respectively. Adelle earned her BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2001.

Random Fact: According to her LinkedIn page, she was a Founder and Product Designer at Tinder. I guess we have her to thank for that awesome left swipe (curve) technology.

ClaireBaxterClaire Baxter@vanityclairevanityclaire.com
City: Dallas, TX
Current Gigs: Senior Creative at Ludomade, and Freelance Designer at VanityClaire.com

Claire is a well-seasoned creative who believes that ugly branding makes “the baby Jesus cry.” She has worked with major brands including Dreamworks, Neiman Marcus, GameStop and Scholastic. Claire also has a penchant for photography, and was recently named among the Best Pet Photographers in Dallas by CBS Local. She is currently Senior Creative at Ludomade, a digital agency and game studio where she is fortunate enough to play video games at work.

DanaJamesMwangiDana James Mwangi@danajamesmwangidanajamesmwangi.com | cheerscreative.com
City: Memphis, TN
Current Gig: Owner & Head Designer at Cheers Creative

Dana began Cheers Creative in 2012 and is passionate about partnering with people who love what they do, while understanding the value of great design. Dana earned her BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Memphis and has completed projects for financial institutions such as Sun Trust and Wells Fargo. After Dana provides a brand identity package for a business, she makes a concerted effort to maintain the brand by offering tutorials on website and social media maintenance.

She’s a wife, mom and entrepreneur who lives by the ideal that anyone can truly have it all.

FatimaBurkeFatima Burke@fatimawdesigns fatimaburke.com | lookupradio.com
City: Philadelphia, PA
Current Gigs: Freelance Graphic/UI Designer at LUR Marketing and Co-Founder of Look Up Radio

Fatima has over 10 years of experience with graphic design and web development. She began learning html code as an adolescent Web Design Intern at the University of Pennsylvania. She credits learning html as being one of the best things that ever happened to her. Today, Fatima is a well sought after designer within the Gospel/Christian circuit where she performs freelance design work under the umbrella of her firm, LUR Marketing.

She also co-founded, designed and developed award-winning Internet radio station, Look Up Radio where she currently heads the marketing, promotion and branding.

KimberlyBryantKimberly Bryant@6gemsblackgirlscode.com
City: San Francisco, CA
Current Gig: Founder and Executive Director of Black Girls CODE

Kimberly is a computer programmer whose extraordinary vision led to the founding of Black Girls CODE in 2011. Black women are underrepresented in technological fields, and Kimberly attributes this to a lack of access rather than a lack of interest.

Through the Black Girls CODE initiative, Kimberly hopes to open opportunities for young and pre-teen girls of color to learn high-demand skills in technology and computer programming during a time when they are naturally considering what they want to be when they grow up.

In 2014, Kimberly was named to Ebony’s Power 100 list and Marie Claire’s 20 Women Changing the World listing. She earned her degree in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University.

KarenKavettKaren Kavett@karenkavettkarenkavett.com | youtube.com/karen
City: Los Angeles, CA
Current Gig: Freelance Graphic Designer and full-time YouTuber

Karen attended Rhode Island University School of Design, one of the highest-ranking art and design schools in the world. After graduating, she went on to work for YouTube as a UX Visual Designer where she worked on various creator/curator tools for the site. She ultimately left YouTube one year later to explore pursuits where she could fully take ownership of the work she creates. Today, Karen is a freelance designer who regularly uploads design resources and craft tutorials to her personal YouTube channel. She is also a DIY Crafter on the HGTV Handmade channel.

Awesome Women Designers

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