How to Delete the Birthdays Calendar from Your Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Today, Google rolled out their updates to Google Calendar and I haven’t dug deep into it. BUT one feature stood out to me and annoyed the daylights outta me. It’s a new calendar you will see called “Birthdays.” It is placing the birthdays and anniversaries of our Google+ contacts in OUR calendars.

Google Calendar

I respect anyone I’ve added to my Google+ circles but I don’t need their birthdays all through my GCal. Not only does it clutter it, but it is something else to get a notification about. NOPE NOPE NOPE.

So it’s actually quite annoying that Google is forcing this on everyone. I dug deep to figure out the solution to delete it and I found one. Sharing here so you can be clutter-free too.

1. Click the Settings pinwheel on the top right hand corner of your Google Calendar.

2. Click the “Calendars” tab and notice how the “Birthdays” is greyed out. Google wants to make this very difficult for us.

Calendars tab 2

3. Scroll down and click the link that says “Browse interesting calendars.”

4. Here, click the tab that says “More.”

5. Click “unsubscribe” next to the “Birthdays.”

Birthdays unsubscribe

VOILA! It will be gone from your Google Calendar. You’re welcome.

Also, COME ON, GOOGLE! Stahp! We have the right to not get notifications anytime someone we have 1 meeting with is celebrating a born day.

Pin the image below so others can know to make this fix!

How to Delete the Birthdays Calendar from Your Google Calendar

Update (Jan. 14, 2015): Google disabled the option to use these steps from your desktop to get rid of the Birthday calendar. BUT if you do the exact same thing through your mobile app, it still works! This is according to a friend of mine who did just that. 

  • Thanks for sharing! Simple fix – and oh-so-needed.

    • Frank


      • Charlie

        Does not seem to work as Frank says. Sucks, Google, Sucks!! I don’t need a bunch of Barf Days on my calendar!! Guess I’ll have to find another on-line calendar.

      • Mike

        It shows up as one of your calendars on “My Calendars” on the left hand side of the main calendar now. Can be toggled off.

        • Ro

          We know, duh. We don’t just want it unshown in our calendars. We want it OUT of our calendars.

        • N

          As of today, the Birthdays option is grayed out on the main “Calendar Settings” screen and also gone from the “Browse Interesting Calendars”, “More” tab.

  • Average Jane

    Thank you! That was a big old helping of DO NOT WANT.

  • Thank you girl. They don’t want us to be great.

  • Thank you so much for this post – and PERFECT timing! I just started scrolling through settings trying to turn off the birthday feature. They don’t make it easy to find. I was so annoyed when my calendar filled up with random peoples’ birthdays.

  • Caroline Bottomley

    Bloody arrogant Google, they get it wrong on so many levels. Thanks for the article, have tweeted it

  • katherinepostpartumprogress

    You are my hero.

  • Michael

    Good find! Thank you. (Google you did evil.)

  • Thank you! It was driving me crazy and I couldn’t figure it out.

  • danj

    Dear god thank you! You are a hero among men

  • Eli Stark


  • David Blackwell

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Sarah Johnson

    Thank you so much! This was really bugging me!

  • Anna Luce

    Thank you! This was driving me crazy.

  • Thanks – that was SUPER annoying!

  • Judy Orr

    Thank you so much! I’m out of town burning up my data trying to find a solution to this – finally! Much appreciated.

  • rexel99

    OK, so now I have NO birthdays shown on my calendar.
    The issue is that people within your circles are also part of the contacts list so if you subscribe to birthdays it shows all of the contact.
    I want (and from what I have seen so far, so do many others) is a way to have your personal contacts and optionally some or none of those in your circles included in the birthdays of the calendar.. haven’t seen a way to do that yet.

    • Brett

      Hi. You could try to copy the birthday events you want to your personal calender. Then in the left hand column of Google calender select My Calenders then choose your personal calender, then select Display Only This Calender. I used this approach rather than the unsubscribe method shown in this article to get rid of birthday notifications I didn’t want.

      • rexel99

        Thanks. Yeah a very manual way of managing it. There should be some break-down, perhaps by circle as to if they are included or not, would be good to have ‘work friends’ circle birthdays shown but not ‘Photographers A-K’ for example.

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  • Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  • ym

    is anyone else having the problem where they do this and the birthdays STILL don’t disappear? i followed the directions exactly, the “birthdays” calendar is gone from my “other calendars” listing and those stupid birthdays are still on my google calendar! i even went to “browse interesting calendars” to double check that it was unsubscribed and it is!

    • tommy thumb

      yes! I just noticed the same thing and haven’t seen anyone else mention this aside from yourself. We’re either quite unlucky or missing something. There’s no save button after unsubscribing from what I can see- but sure enough, it’s added back on.

  • Oh my gosh!! Thank you….I was ripping my hair out!

  • Lauren Newman

    Thank you! How annoying this was when it just popped up the other day.

  • Sarah | Curious Cuisiniere

    Thank you!!

  • Thank you!!! Big annoyance gone!

  • omg THANK YOU.

  • Kerry Cotter

    Phewww! Thank you. Most obnoxious thing Google has ever done to me. Cheers kc

  • jrseaman

    AMAZING! Very helpful!

  • christinapd

    Thank you! I couldn’t find it without your help 🙂

  • Hans

    Luvvi, you made my day. Thank you so much!

  • Steven Vore

    Interesting. I’ve “always” (i.e. for a *long* time) had a Birthdays calendar, and its checkbox on the left sidebar is checkable/uncheckable just like other calendars are.

    • JBaileyz

      Mine wouldn’t let me uncheck, but more importantly, I wanted the line gone to free up space on my small screen.

  • JBaileyz

    Thanks a bunch! I was about to go crazy, clicking around trying to get rid of this.

  • DrAndreas

    Awesome…thank you! 🙂

  • Thanks VERY much!

  • William_Peck

    Maybe our friends at Google caught on, because now when following these directions I can’t locate the following steps:

    3. Scroll down and click the link that says “Browse interesting calendars.”

    4. Here, click the tab that says “More.”

    5. Click “unsubscribe” next to the “Birthdays.”

    Oh well . . . not pretty! Appreciate the info!

    • Gwuen

      Yup. Same here William, Birthdays is not even listed for me. This is so annoying.

  • Thanx for that but it is the nuclear solution; it gets rid of ALL birthdays including my girlfriend’s. OR ex-girlfriend should I forget her birthday. Maybe a tattoo is the way to go.

  • Thanks

    Thanks so much!!!

  • kevin

    This is so strange that nobody concerned about one thing, to save mobile phone contact birtdays and only remove Google+ ones… Can you do it?

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  • yogizoli

    thanks mate, you helped a lot, it was really irritating! you’re awesome!

  • tommy thumb

    Thank you very much! it’s bad enough Google installs crapware on our computer without telling us and sells every bit of our personal information. Being force fed silly Google+ every chance they get is just another example of how creepy that company is.

  • brenna

    This didn’t work for me??!! Help!

  • Liza

    Thank you! Before I found this, I was so annoyed with this clutter all over my calendar that I deleted nearly all my Gplus circles (I wasn’t using them much anyway) and moved all contacts from “My contacts” to simply “Contacts” (which also fixes it). It’ll be far too much work to undo it so I won’t bother but I hope this teaches Google a lesson. What an idiocy!

    • Frankie

      I have the same problem. Good idea for a workaround though Robin Ketelaars.

  • ag

    thank you!!!

  • tomterrorfic

    annoyed for so long thanks!

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  • Sue

    Thank you sooooo much.

  • Jeff

    Thank you!

  • Thank you for this! I was trying to figure out how all these random birthdays were in my calendar and your post was a kindness.

  • Gwuen

    I don’t have the Birthday option listed in the “more” section of interesting calenders, like William said many posts above this one – Google must have caught on to some of us – or we’re using a different version than everyone else it worked for.

  • Chris

    Does not look like this is working any more. 🙁

  • Alex

    I’ve tried this on multiple accounts and the option to unsubscribe from Birthdays is not there. What’s worse is that I didn’t have the Birthdays calendar syncing to my Calendar app previously, but after troubleshooting ANOTHER stupid-google issue and removing/re-adding the account, the Birthdays calendar is there and stuck. I can’t get rid of it. I DON’T EVEN HAVE ANY GOOGLE CONTACTS!!! Google sucks.

  • Ed

    This doesn’t seem to work on a corporate google account.
    What I really want to know is, how do I un-publish my own birthday so none of my dear work colleagues can see it?

  • Rick

    Google took away the feature, so I went ahead and DELETED Google+ account, it was linked to my youtube, good thing I don’t care about it.

    • Roger

      I agree with Jay T 8 Jan, and others – the option to unsubscribe this wretched calendar has gone. It is the same as Tasks and although it can be toggled off, that is not what I want. I already had created a Calendar of my own called Birthdays and this just duplicated my item on the list – all very annoying and frustrating. Google – please provide the facility to unsubscribe both of these – Task and Calendar – or I will change to another cloud diary system.

  • Ro

    Birthdays is NOT listed in “More” anymore ):

  • I tried in vain, following all the suggestions, to delete the birthdays from my calendar. I have over 7,000 contacts in my phone, and thousands more on all my social media platforms. I DO NOT want everyone’s birthday listed on my business calendar! It’s just clutter and noise. Why did Google force this upon us? It was the best calendar out there, IMHO, until this happened. Now, I’m just scratching my head. Plus, there is no tech support for Google… UGH.

  • Dave

    It works folks, you no longer have to go into Settings > More > Interesting Calendars. Google moved Birthdays to the MAIN VIEW.

    So….. when looking at your calendar:
    1. Click triangle next to “My Calendars” on left hand pane to expand
    2. Birthdays will show up as an entry
    3. Click on the coloured box (mine is Purple) next to Birthdays
    4. Birthdays gone!

    If you have family birthdays that this also removes simply recreate them as a meeting or event, so they appear in your main calendar. You can still set reminders in advance etc.

    Terrible move by Google. Nobody wants to see the birthdays of their entire G+ circles on their own personal calendar. At least we get the option to do away with Birthdays altogether now.

  • Palani

    Its very simple, export all the contacts, open the file in a text editor, search for the word and replace with blank, then save the file, delete all the contact from your list, import back.

  • Eric

    Hi, the Calendar….Settings > Calendars tab > ‘Browse Interesting Calendars’ > More tab > Birthdays – Unsubscribe is no longer an option. Google removed the Birthdays-Unsubscribe option from the list. I also unchecked the color box next to birthdays in my calendar in the left hand side, but the birthdays remain on my calendar. I don’t understand why Google makes it so hard to get this crap off my calendar. Does anyone have any newer ideas that work??? Thanks!

    • Enrico

      Same thing for me… 🙁

  • M

    Boy, what BS. I removed this but it’s just automated clutter. Why the hell would you hide the turnoff switch here?

    • Clyde

      On my main calendar display, I simply single left clicked on the word Birthdays which is listed under My calendars. By clicking on it, it acted as a toggle – one click, off; another click, back on. Set to off.

  • It does unsubscribe you on your google calendar but birthdays still show up on any calendar apps you may have that sync to google. It’s so frustrating!

  • Wei Qin

    Thanks a lot for sharing this tip! I will definitely forward this to my friends. I have been struggling for this issue for quite a while, now just delete hundreds of anniversaries from my google calendar : )

  • Rick

    The ‘Internet’…sometimes making life much to complicated. Thanks for the fix!

  • Eliud Gautier

    This worked great for me, thanks

  • jh

    Google no longer have birthday calendar in the list. I have been trying to reset the notification time for a birthday as it went off late at night when I was trying to sleep.

  • Lento

    Sadly, it seems it doesn’t work anymore. There’s no birthdays on the “more” calendar list. :/

    In fact, I’m trying to find solution to get rid of to-do-list in calender. I don’t understand why I’m forced to keep it, damned.

  • Rocco

    Doesn’t work anymore because it’s not listed under ‘more’. Whoever designed Google Calendar should be fired. AFTER ABOUT 1 HOUR, I’M STILL TRYING TO REMOVE BIRTHDAYS.

  • suemenow

    mine look a little different but u showed me what to look for…thanks!

  • Philbert De Zwart

    I just tried this and on step 2, birthdays weren’t greyed out so I could just uncheck it. Job done way easier. Thanks for posting this.

  • chaos_in_ashland

    Yep, and this is still a problem with Google. I don’t like having to spend a couple of hours reading through blogs just to figure out how to delete a birthday event. ANNOYING