Write for Awesomely Techie!

Did you recently use a new app or gadget that you think people should know about? Do you have any tips on how to properly use social media? Are you a BOSS and have some really helpful business tips to help others? Whether you’re a tech junkie or just have something you want to share related to technology, gadgets, social media and other geekery, we want to hear from you! And we want you to write for us.

We want posts that are useful for our readers. Tips, tutorials, reviews and anything that is related social media, technology, business, web strategy, blogging and apps. Things that might help someone’s life (personal and professional) be a tad bit easier.

It is of utmost importance that contributors of Awesomely Techie DO NOT PLAGIARIZE or COPY or DUPLICATE someone else’s work or content from another site. Posts submitted to us must be original.

How to submit your post to Awesomely Techie

First, you must pitch a post via email. What this means is if you have an idea of what you want to write, send an email to techie at aweluv dot com. In the email, give the title of your post and a summary of what it will be about. Then once your pitch has been approved:

1. Make sure your writing is easy to understand. Don’t forget we cater to techies and non-techies so keep the writing simple, clear and to the point.

2. We do not want posts to look like an overload of text and information, so please submit at least two pictures to go with your article. Be creative; add gifs and memes – make it entertaining.

3. Let people know how awesome you are! Include a brief one paragraph bio with your social media usernames and a small headshot (200×200) for us to include at the bottom of your post so people can follow you!

4. Send this in one Microsoft Word document (Pics and GIFs can be sent as attachments but they can also be in the Word doc so we know where they go).

Typing gif

 Tech Review Guide

If you’d like to submit a post reviewing a gadget (that was released within the last year) or an app, below are questions that your piece must answer:

1. Where and how did you get the gadget? (Was it a gift from a company? Did you buy it from a store?)

2. What are the app/gadget’s features? (Give specs here – size, weight, model etc.)

3. How do you use this app/gadget? (any setup needed?)

4. What are the best things about this app/gadget? What didn’t you like (what was lacking)?

5. Create pros and cons list.

6. Who would find this app/gadget most useful and how does it make life easier?

7. Is this app/gadget a great value? Is the price right, too expensive or surprisingly cheap? If it’s free, would you pay for it if they started charging?

8. How many stars (out of 5) do you give this app/gadget? Would you recommend it?

If you’d like to write for us, email techie at aweluv dot com.