Review Policy


Our promise: Yes, we review products on this blog but no, we won’t ever say something’s awesome when it’s not. Our main goal is to let folks know about gadgets/apps/software and other tech products out there that they may find useful. We might use affiliate links from time-to-time too but we believe in what we’re passing on. Affiliate links allow us to receive commission when readers click and buy. Again, our promise is to never suggest a company or product we don’t use or won’t use.

Also, everything we review here wasn’t gifted to us by a company. Some of these products we bought ourselves (because we’re gadget junkies) and just feel like talking about. The stuff we DO get, we’ll disclose that to you. Why lie? LYING SUCKS!

It’s important that you trust what you read on Awesomely Techie, and know that we put our integrity first.

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Awesomely Techie contributors are open to reviewing tech products, gadgets and apps. Reviews posted here are honest and include the views of whoever the writer is. They will include what’s awesome, what’s not and if they’re worth the value. We’ll give each review product a grade, out of 5 stars.

We’re digital dynamos, strategists, photographers and overall social media geeks who are immersed in technology in everything we do. Our readers and our integrity are #1, so anything posted here is something we believe.

Review Guidelines:

  • If you’d like us to review your product, email [email protected] and we’ll let you know if we’re interested in trying it out and where to send it.
  • Products sent to us to try will not be returned, and requirements to do so must be made very clear before units are sent. IF they are to be returned, please include return label.
  • We’ll need to try out the product for 4 weeks before we can review it, so we have a big picture idea of how it works and how effective it is. 
  • Reviews by the Awesomely Techie team will be honest always. If we try your product and don’t like it, we’d rather not review it than say it’s great when it isn’t. OR we can reach out to you before posting a review if it’s especially problematic.

We’re nice people, generally, so we don’t rip your product or company to shreds. We just want to pass on information about good things to our audience, and what would make their lives easier.

Feel comfortable? Then cool. Let’s work together. Whatcha got for us to play with and tell the masses about? Email [email protected].

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