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  • Jill Robbins

    Hi Luuvie!
    I read your post on getting a page verified and it worked! Yay!

    I’m wondering if you have any resources to help us not violate Facebook’s policy when it comes to ads and sponsored posts. I did a sponsored post right after my blue badge appeared and I thought I did everything correctly. I got a little warning from Facebook but it was very generic. I went back and re-read the instructions on Facebook Help Center and I think my only mistake was using #sponsored instead of #ad. Do you have or know of any resources?

    Thanks for all you do!!!

    All the best,

  • Stepford 88

    Your article is spot on about how in the end Wix ends up being a complete time waster. Feel free to use this video in support of your article.

  • Bubble Media

    Sir please help us to verify our fb page