On a scale of 1 to MySpace pages, I think Wix websites are at an 8 (aka modern day Geocities). What does this means? It means I think they’re pretty terrible to use even though they’re easy to set up. In fact, the only good thing about Wix websites are that they are so easy that even the most technologically-challenged person can have a site up and running within an hour.

I get it, though. I know why people use Wix sites (or Weebly). Folks are a bit intimidated about setting up their websites but this is one shortcut that is not worth it. I have receipts too (reasons).

I’m here to let you know why you should not use Wix for your website or blog, no matter how tempting it is.

No Wix Featured

EDIT (September 15, 2015): The reps at Wix contacted me to vehemently disagree with my post and say I have outdated information. In the spirit of fairness and accuracy, I asked them to write a rebuttal and I am including that below in red font. I was not compensated for this.

1. Flash technology

A lot of Wix websites are built on Flash technology (they’re trying to push HTML5 now so they do have that capability now), which is the enemy of web prosperity. Flash is so frowned upon that many phones don’t even display it, and some tablets don’t either. This means you’re already excluding a portion of people who might want to see your website. People who are perusing the web on their phones will have a hard time with your site.

Wix’s Rebuttal:

Since March 2012 Wix stopped using Flash technology. As new technologies are introduced and Internet consumption evolves, Wix was able to build a HTML5 product that uses the full capabilities of current web browsers. We empowered our users with the ability to create content that they want and infuse their personality into their online presence, while maintaining the same easy-to-use, high quality and visually stunning aspect users have grown accustomed to with Wix.com.

We created the HTML5 editor with thought of giving Wix users an ultimate website-building experience with full control over every design element. Tool that will enable users to create amazing websites that are functional, usable, and fully accessible for everyone on every device. This change made Wix much more social-friendly with more tools for sharing your content; full accessibility on all devices – desktops, tablets & smartphones; Add beautiful backgrounds with the new Full-Screen mode; Enhance SEO by optimizing each page individually; Edit layouts with ease by simultaneously working on several items; Apply changes to fonts and colors on the entire site and save loads of time And there’s so much more that changed since your last piece.

2. Google does NOT like Wix

Even more important though, Google is not a fan of Wix. Like at all. Part of it is because of that Flash it uses. Your website will not rank well, which makes it harder for people to find. This will affect how much traffic you can potentially get because your site will not be search engine optimized. In 2014, that’s an expensive mistake.

Me when I see a Wix website

Me when I see a Wix website

Also, you can’t verify Wix sites in Google Webmaster, which matters considerably. Especially if you ever get hacked. Don’t know about Webmaster and why you need it? I wrote about it so click that link.

I don’t think Wix websites get hacked though because there’s no need to. SHADE.

Wix’s rebuttal:

Google does like Wix! We provide all of the tools and features necessary to optimize site content for SEO purposes. Wix closely follows the guidelines set out by search engines (including Google and Bing) to ensure that your site content is properly recognized, crawled and indexed. In terms of being indexed by search engines, the content of the site itself is the most important factor. The platform on which your site is built is not as significant with regards to indexation, as long as your content is visible. Wix sites have been built so as to ensure that all site content is visible and easily extracted by search engines. Wix sites are built in accordance with Google’s specifications./span>

Wix also offers many SEO apps threw our growing App market (over 250 apps and we’re adding more each week). You do not need to upgrade to a premium plan for your site to be found by search engines. Wix is search engine friendly and your free Wix site will indeed be indexed. It can take between 1 to 3 months for your site to appear in search engine results. Also, you wrote that “you can’t verify Wix sites in Google Webmaster”. That’s not true. Site verification involves receiving a meta tag from Google Webmaster Tools and placing it on your Wix site. 

3. Loads slow

Wix websites load slower than those built on HTML (like WordPress) and this will lose people who do want to read about you. Why? We have very little patience and having to wait 10 seconds to see a website is something we’re not used to. We will just click off. Slow loading sites will turn visitors off, and first impressions on the web can be everything. It can keep someone from visiting your site again.

AND with a slow loading website, you will be further penalized by search engines because they know that your site provides poor user experience and they won’t want to vouch for it. That goes back to Google not liking it. See? It’s a cycle of meh.

you deserve better gif

Wix’s rebuttal:

We at Wix are totally aware to the fact that site’s loading time is one of the most important factors affecting your visitor’s user experience. High bounce rate, leading to a lower ranking in Google is not an option in our platform. 

Site performance is very important to us at Wix. We have recently made many changes that should improve the performance and loading time of your site, including: 1. Automatically optimizing images for optimal quality and site loading time; 2. Using progressive images, i.e., images that initially display in lower quality and are rendered progressively as your site loads; 3. Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is an interconnected system of cache servers in different locations, allowing your site content to be loaded from the closest server.

Wix offers many features (images, animations, external applications, videos, slideshows, etc.) and encourages her users to use them to create a top-notch site. However, they should be use correctly and in moderation. If a user built his site according to Wix guidelines, there’s no reason his site will experience slow loading of some sort (except because of other objective reasons like connection problems). 

If Wix users aren’t satisfied with their sites loading time, we’re suggesting them to take a speed test on Webpagetest.org and send us a link with his results, as well as their site URL. We investigate the results and review their sites.  If there is indeed an issue on our end, we will do our best to investigate it and fix it ASAP.

4. It doesn’t look as good.

I have never seen a Wix website that looked highly professional and really nice. Wix sites do not look great or modern, in my opinion. They look like Web 2.0 circa 2004 and in a world where innovation and staying on top of what’s happening matters, this is a mistake.

Wix’s rebuttal:

Well, there is no accounted for taste. But i really think that design is the last problem with Wix platform, and that every person can find a template that he loves from the rich variety we suggest (above 500 templates) I can agree that in some cases, the freedom of design can cause some bad decisions, But that’s the drag and drop editor character and his simplicity is our biggest advantage. 

Of course that Wix and Wordpress are different, but that’s because in many cases we’re addressing different audiences that are less tech-savvy (i read your previous posts about that manner and I’m sure we got our differences, but you must understand why some people are threatened with any kind of programming). If you’ll compare us to other free website builder platforms, i really think that we’re suggesting a great solution for small and medium businesses and for people that trying to create a stunning web presence.

In addition, if you need help creating your website from scratch or even just refreshing an existing website, we offer Wix arena – a community which includes a directory of experienced web designers, Wix Pros, that offer their design services to other users who feel their websites could benefit from a professional designer’s touch. In a nutshell, it’s a professional web design service at an affordable price.

5. It’s expensive.

To add insult to injury, Wix websites are not cheap. You’re supposed to get what you pay for but what you pay isn’t matching the value you get.

WordPress (.org) software itself is free. What you pay for is server space for hosting, which holds the content of your site. You can get hosting for as cheap as $4 a month for your WordPress site. That’s $48 for the entire year. And you have full website capability and the ability to customize your heart out. You typically have all the space you can need, and you have a site that can be without ads if you like.

Meanwhile, Wix sites are starting at $4.08 a month and that’s the most basic plan.

Wix Pricing

Wix Pricing structure. I took this screenshot myself from their website.

Basic is truly right here. Your site has the “THIS SITE WAS CREATED WITH WIX.COM!” ad on it, mobile ads and small amount of storage space. NAWL! Not worth it. You might as well just go with a platform that gives you more freedom.

Wix’s rebuttal:

Again, I’m not sure if the WP comparison is always fair. They got a great product, but so are we. It’s just different.  For example, we’re not charging any fee for our templates and WP do for their premium themes. We have differences, and that just one of them. . I’m certain that if you’ll compare us to other free website builder platforms, you’ll see that our price is really fair and attractive.

About the Wix ads on the free sites: Wix’s business model is Freemium, meaning users can use every feature of our product completely free. Wix offers valuable premium services (hey, we need to make money too), but our business model allows us to provide everyone a professional website for free. Users that wish to upgrade their site will have the ads removed and receive a free yearly domain name (in case they don’t already have a domain they would like to transfer), as well as free 125$ coupons worth for advertising on Google/Bing. We’re offering number of premium plans that enables our users to get more storage and bandwidth, remove the Wix ads, and the connect their Wix site to their own domain name. Payment for a premium service is still a much cheaper solution for a website creation than other tools out there (whether other online web development platforms or hiring designers).

Update: You can have a FREE Wix website now. 

If you want to create a website that looks professional, gives great user experience and plays well with Google, a Wix site is not for you. AT ALL. Not right now, anyway. They would need to overhaul the platform for this to change. It’s a shortcut that won’t present you as the awesome person/business/entity that you are.

People are afraid of WordPress because they think they have to be techies to use it. NOT TRUE! I’ll debunk that myth another day with a tutorial on how to set up WordPress. I know Wix sites are easy to set up but I don’t think the ease should trump the usability. If you’re currently on there, consider migrating your site to somewhere else. Even if not WordPress, look up SquareSpace as an option.

The moral of this story is: don’t use Wix!

5 Reasons dont use Wix

About the author

Luvvie Ajayi is a writer and digital strategist who believes in using the power of technology for social change. She's the 13-year blogging veteran behind AwesomelyLuvvie.com (an award-winning pop culture and humor blog) and co-founder of The Red Pump Project (a national nonprofit that raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls).


    • shirley

      Avoid setting up WordPress and go to http://buildawpsite.com

      Your website can be built in less then 5 minutes for free.

    • To be honest, it depends on what you want. Without coding knowledge, you have to rely on other peoples templates and widgets, some of which come at a cost. For setting it up, it can actually be very simple. The easiest way is to go with a hosting provider that has a one click install for it (For small sites I use domainmonster), or if you have a lot of visitors and want dedicated hosting/host it on your own server you can go to fiverr and pay someone $5 to install it for you. You can install it easily on your own as well if your hosting provider has an easy to use cpanel, it comes with instructions and everything. I did it through FTP with no knowledge whatsoever and managed, the instructions on the wordpress site are easy to understand.

    • Complete step by step video instructions with no step left out for setting up and building a WordPress site can be found at http://tomtattle.com

      I have also tried Wix recently and must say they have several great templates, but I worry when it comes to ranking your website on Google. WordPress has so many plugins like YOAST that make the process so simple.

    • luvvie

      “WIX is great for small sites.” Not even. Again, even small sites need to be findable through Google or the only people who will be able to see them are people who are looking specifically for that site. Using Wix for nonprofits is a disservice to that nonprofit because they will never have a lot of traffic. Its not about photos. It’s about SEO, it’s about usability and it’s about how well the site functions.

    • Ken

      No No No! Don’t use wix for any clients! They will not like you when they find out all the limitations that you put on their website. You want your client’s websites to get traffic and they just cannot do that with Wix.

  • I love it.

  • Charlotte Betts

    These are some pretty good points! * runs and closes Wix account*

    • Evan

      Ever heard of a little site named google?

  • Wix is the digital devil. I KNEW IT! AHHHH! Those are really good points, and I cackled at the GeoCities reference. I wish I could show you the awfulness of my old GC site. I had gifs everywhere. I need to upgrade my current blog, so it’s good to know what to avoid…>.> *crossing Wix off the list*

  • Deidre Chisholm

    So what is a good site builder for a novice?

    • Evan

      I dunno, know of a novice way to pour a basement? or build a house? how about do a heart surgery? ever think that maybe if your a business person that takes your site seriously and also consider yourself a novice. Instead of wasting time learning crap tools like wix you could instead invest that time learning to code in WordPress….and if you don’t have the time for that…pay someone that knows what they are doing.

    • shirley

      Try http://Buildawpsite.com
      It’s a free WordPress builder.. WordPress is known as the best website software.

    • Yes, WordPress is the best of the best, it’s free but you do have to pay for hosting, which is not too expensive. I used Bluehost and HostGator and they have worked very well.

      • jimdavis007

        For business wordpress is the worst of the worse. It is a glorified blog, nothing more. I am a 20 year long web designer and have used most platforms available on the web today.

        • sasha

          alright then, which is the best?

          • jimdavis007

            Joomla and drupal are proper content management systems with far more extras available for them than wordpress. If you want a blog, get wordpress, if you run a business. Use joomla or drupal.

    • Basically to build a site with descent function, looks, SEO and UI that will really make money there is no simple drag drop do it for me builder. You need serious skills and other decent website developers love people who go to the cheap services. Makes it so easy to kill these other potentially good businesses. If you have a product that will make money, find a good developer and the cost of the site will be negligible compared to the return. Dont kid yourself if you think a site is easy. The site is one part of a huge number of things most people dont even know about. If you dont have a serious product or your living does not depend on it then get wix. Wix is just a framework… its what you put into the framework and the surrounding elements that matter. Wix is limited because it hides the stuff thats needed to make a serious site. WordPress, joomla, dupral is not limited. It will take you to whereever you want to go. Wix owns your data. It owns your site. Not you. Thats why its CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP but not cheap long term when you decide to actually do it right.

      • sasha

        why is having a developer better for seo than wordpress?

  • Cameron

    Was going to pull the trigger on Wix prior to reading this. Thanks for the insight

  • Ken

    The biggest issue with wix is that you cannot 301 redirect from your wix pages to new pages. So if you switch to wordpress in the future, all your inner link building is lost.

  • Julian Taylor

    I spent way too many hours making my website looking great, so it is soooo sad to be leaving it. My website loads way too slow on mobile device. I googled ‘Wix Website Examples’ found a good bunch of websites from different sources to make sure they were WIX websites, and low and behold same issue, I wonder if these people know how bad there websites load on mobile devices. Do your own research before diving into the WIX trap.

  • Hey all !! I am 65+ years old, and >> I think WIX will kill me soon. Very slow loading and many saving errors. Any idea what’s going on? ps help

  • WordPress is always better than wix

  • It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate
    to this brilliant blog! I gyess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding yoyr RSS feed to my Google
    account. I look frward to brand new updates and will talk about this sitre with my Facebook group.

    Talk soon!

  • I could not disagree with all of your points any more if I wanted too. We have been wix pros for almost 3 years now and I will try to defunk your statements in the kindest of manners.
    #1 – Yes, they started out as flash based and we too made the mistake of making a few flash sites. This platform was dismantled and almost 100% of the new sites are HTML5, which work great on all devices if you know how to navigate the mobile designer they provide.
    #2 – When was the last time you even built a wix site? I have all 50 of my client sites verified through google webmasters and if you follow the directions: http://www.wix.com/support/html5/search-engine-optimization/advanced-seo-settings/faq/can-i-use-the-google-webmaster-tool-1 – seems like google likes them just fine. I am able to meta tag and keyword every picture as well as enter keywords thoughout every page that google has had no problem running robots through and listing them with sitemaps.
    #3 – I can agree that wix site may load slower then some other developers, but this is usually from using non-web sized photos. If you don’t have photoshop and can resize photos for web use then you are going to have load issues period! There is a lot more to building a website that the general public doen’t know or even have capabilities to achieve.
    #4 – I find this one highly offensive – please view our portfolio and tell me you can’t build good looking sites – we even built our own site on the wix platform to prove our point. http://www.taabsink.com/
    #5 – Expensive! I like to think you get what you pay for in this world and if you are saavy – wix gives you a discount for your first year! http://www.wix.com/support/html5/premium-plans/promotions/faq/do-you-have-any-current-promotions-1

    Just some food for thought since you are obviously not getting all your information correct.

    • Tendai

      I certainly agree with you. The only major drawback with wix is loading speeds and the inability to carry your data files if you decide not to use wix platform anymore.

      #4 I have a good friend who is very good at wix designs. http://www.citisonshipdesign.com/ It all depends on the developer and their ability to execute with any CMS. I know some terribly looking word-press and joomla sites out there, but that don’t mean the CMS’ cannot produce quality.
      #5 Expensive is subjective. Whats expensive for one may not be of any significance to another.

      Thanks for your input Josh #RogerThat

      • Kris

        Poor developers to be honest, your websites aren’t responsive so they’re not multi-device friendly. Also Tendai the example you gave is a 1 page website with content not indexed in id sections. Obviously MUCH more trouble for Google to index.

      • TEMPUS R&D

        “and the inability to carry your data files if you decide not to use wix platform anymore” – For this reason alone nobody should EVER go with wix.

        I made the mistake of building my site there (as i had no prior knowledge of how the industry works) spending many months designing, writing content, redesigning and improving it and then i realized my site is being kept captive by WIX. This is called “Pimping” guys! If you want to charge for the software then charge for the software but don’t trick people into “building their website for free” and then blackmail them to pay you in order to use their own work!

        Doesn’t anyone have ANY honor anymore? At least inform anyone upfront that they won’t own their website (cause if they did then they could do ANYTHING with it). That’s communism at its worst.

    • Matt

      Hi there. You say wix sites can get slow because of people’s large pictures.
      I thought that wix had an Optimizer that took care of that.
      Also, if slow load time is such a known issue fir them, why is it so difficult to find a solution for? My site is def waaaay slower load time than many similar in my field, and my site is much simpler.

      • Josh

        Matt, I would not trust the optimizer with any of my sites, most likely you will lose a lot of the SEO benefits of sizing and coding your own pictures. I don’t know exactly the issues you are running into but there are many tools to use to find the issues to resolve. try this one https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/ and see if it can help you pinpoint where the issues are.

    • Evan

      HAHAHA you lost me at “WIX Pro” hahahah! how can anyone take anything else you say seriously?

    • Evan

      also #4….glad you find it offensive, but I find it offensive that you walk into a business you obviously have no business being in, and present your site as a marvel in web design….it looks like shit. Took 9 seconds to load the home page, and you have no idea when it comes to SEO…google pretty much ignores your precious keywords now and the 9 second load time would have a much harder impact on search results than anything else on your site…you really have no idea or business giving advice to friends about web work let alone charging clients for said advice……

      • mellington

        Evan, your computer must be a piece of crap. The site loaded in less than a second on my system. Also, the website looked good, and the examples provided showing sites designed for clients looked as good as anything I’ve seen, and I’m on the web a lot. Looks to me that clearly Josh has a successful business model. What’s yours? (Yeah, that’s what I thought.)

        You’re full of yourself, and simply can’t face the fact that you were wrong and Josh was right. End your rant. You were wrong. Josh made good points. The end.

    • Evan

      BTW love the splash page ….your either a really good troll or a really dumb web dev

    • Evan

      #2 your kidding right?…..are you saying that because your site is verified in webmaster tools its good to go when it comes to search? you can verify a blank white page with webmaster tools what the hell does that have to do with search rankings? you don’t even need webmaster tools to rank WTF are you even talking about….You really are a troll….and I fell for it lol good job! lol also your rebuttal to the image optimizer is also insane. any decent cms will take a large image and make smaller versions of said image, in different sizes..you can upload a 4000px X 4000px image to wordpress, opencart etc, and based on your image size settings it will take that image, keep the original and create several smaller versions of the image to use on the site…so your 5mb image loads as a 300 X 300 40kb ( or whatever your settings are) duplicate of the original image…..did you ever do any work outside of wix? or just base everything you do on it? Things you say only make sense to people that don’t know the difference…….

      • Josh

        Who’s the troll here? I am not hiding behind anything, you can clearly view my site and our portfolio, where is yours? As I made in my statement was to directly disprove the points the author made! Look at her article again and see that she stated you cannot verify your wix site with google webmaster and I was clearly stating you can! And to answer your question, yes I have tried almost every web builder from godaddy, weebly, shopify, wordpress, dreamweaver and on and on. I have found wix allows a great tool for the small business owners to get a website without having so called web gurus charge an arm and a leg to get a basic site.
        I stated in my comment as well, that there a lot of behind the scene things that most people do not know about to make your site search friendly. I never state that my site was a masterpiece, there are thousands that are much better, the key thing is what exactly did they have to pay some company to get it that way? We are talking real word small business and most cannot afford 5-10K for websites that perform like big box stores. The majority of clients want a site that looks nice and can be found locally. If you want a national presence and search optimizing then yes there is going to be some serious costs to get it optimized for national search.
        As for the optimizer in wix – when you edit a photo it does not hold your metatag information, it creates a completely new file with an absurd name that google will never find in searches, so I stand behind my comment that if you have photoshop you should use it over the optimizer.

  • At least in Brazil,Wix is expensive.
    Specially if you want to create more than one site.
    Everything is a paid plugin,and for every site you make you have to
    pay a new licence.
    Basic thing like login features or searching.

  • MasterGeek

    I disagree and almost all of your points (though Wix may have changed since you posted this and I just got my site up and running).

    1. I don’t have a Flash site. As of now, I’m using the HTML 5 builder.

    2. I don’t know about the long run as of yet, but I do know that Webmaster Tools verified my site just fine (unless you’re talking about the free personal sites, then I couldn’t say as I have my own domain).

    3. If there is any lag in loading my site, it seems negligible. I can’t really tell if there’s a delay. It seems to load as quickly as any other page.

    4. I think the designs are better than pretty much any WordPress templates I’ve seen. I was looking into WordPress before settling on Wix, and even the premium templates that you had to pay for with WordPress look like crap compared to the free templates available through Wix.

    5. This one could be true. It’s a few dollars more per month than the other services I looked at, but for the convenience, ease of updating, and FAR superior appearance, I’m ok with that.

  • Django

    These are really good points. I enjoyed reading it. I first started out with WordPress then I decided to use Wix. The reason why I used Wix is that almost everything in WordPress has to be purchased, and for a student like me who can’t afford that much has to resort with very limited access 🙁

  • Nataliya Bogdanets

    Recently came across this post http://goo.gl/rJtgH8. Hopefully it will help smb to dot all the “i” concerning wix vs wordpress.

  • I understand you are promoting Worldpress but here is may experience:

    I’ve been using Wix.com over two years and its one of the best solutions for start-ups, small companies and producers targeting new markets.

    1. Not sure if Flash is even in use today. I’ve been using HTML 5 from the beginning.

    2. If you compete in Google internationally then it is well known fact that organic search is almost dead: potential client only looks in Google first 1-3 pages. I target sometimes small countries like Estonia and there SEO gets me always fast and good results.

    By the way, SEO is meant to target people who are looking your products and/or services, that’s the point. NB! Wix.com even has app to improve your SEO, simply to get everything out of it.

    3. Loads slow? This is major problem in any platform, people are using too large files. Size your pictures down with Photoshop and you see Wix.com loads like any ordinary website.

    4. I’ve looked into most website builders there are and I’m still using Wix.com, simply it is easiest and most powerful platform. Don’t look what average people have done, look what designers do with it.

    5. It’s not actually very expensive compared what you get out from it: webpage + mobile-page + tons of apps from developers and IT companies around the world etc.

    Still no product is perfect so time to time Wix.com has technical issues and your webpage can be down for a day. In 2 years I know only 2 incidents.

  • Dominick Mezzapesa

    Wix is the WORST EVER. I have over 400 pages and NOT ONE appears on google. I even type my address http://www.wildlifeplanet.net and IT STILL WONT APPEAR and asked them a question in support and you get some idiot sending you a canned answer.

    Example I asked “ADSENSE REJECTED ME? IT SAYS I HAVE NO CONTENT and 11 WORDS when I have 469 pages of content and a million words”

    They said “We guarantee you they see it maybe you need more content, Google loves when you add more content”


    • gazwig

      You come up number 6 on google when I type in wildlifeplanet or wildlife planet in google search bar so I don’t know what you are on about

      • because I moved to weebly 3 months ago

      • Funny thing was I was #8 2 days after I moved the site to weebly…. But in the 3 months I was on Wix I could not get one page up on Google. Now that the site is back to the point it was on Wix (Around 500 pages) I am ranked #3 and all my pages within minutes of Google fetching is ranked somewhere.

        With Wix I could not get anything to show up on Google. It showed up on Bing but Google ignored everything

    • Space

      wrong statement detected! I have zero issues with Wix! It’s so easy to keep my blog running! Geez!

      • Never said it wasn’t easy I said they suck at getting the site up on Google rankings. Their blog is Flash so you can forget about ever getting it ranked because Google will only render a blank page

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  • Autumn

    I think this whole article is hilarious. The only people I have ever seen / heard complain about WIX are the ones who would charge someone thousands of dollars to do a website. Recently I had a realestate broker come to be about designing a site. She is one of the highest grossing brokers in her city and can’t stand pop ups and dealing with web designers who refuse to give her the password to her own account. She recently had to abandon a site because the web developer just quit doing work on it and since he hosted all his websites in one place wouldn’t give her the information. After an attorneys letter he finally turned over the info for the domain name. He charged her $4,000 for her website which looked like a 2 year old built it. I charged her $700, had her website up and running in a week. She constantly gets feedback from clients that her website looks sleek clean and professional. I used Wix, I upgraded her to the no ads option. She loves it!! I also am currently doing websites for 3 other brokers that have seen hers. Only reason anyone would have to hate Wix is because designers secrets are out, they spend hours coding, I spend minutes dragging and dropping and MY SITE LOOKED BETTER!!! Wix is very customizable as well. Sorry “designers” you no longer have a monopoly on the web. 🙂

  • porbit101

    Not relevant anymore unless you still have an old school flash site. Wix’s HTML 5 version communicates superbly with Google. My site is # 1 in most categories.

  • I get so frustrated with wix and other companies like them that fool people into thinking that building a website is 5 minutes using their platform. Sure you can build quickly but there are so many elements missing its not funny. Its not possible to build a profitable site with so little thought and using a limited platform thats not really yours anyway. Show me one bluechip company using wix? show me one really sucessfull company using wix? A good website in the right market will return many times its cost. If a site costs a company 20 grand and makes them 2 million a year then 20 grand is nothing and companies know that. And even where cheaper companies are concerned If i spend 1 grand on a developer putting together a 4 page site that hits the search engines higher than my relative (wix) competition and operates and looks good with better conversion results then I would return my dollars and much more very quickly than being fooled that a 20 minute video will teach me what a full stack web developer and media marking company knows (which takes YEARS btw). Wix and associates prey on the vulnerable. Sure there are plenty bad web devs out there but there are some awesome ones as well. Put your energy into finding someone who actually knows how to put a proper site together (look at their work) and knows how to market. You will not regret it.

  • Grimcrotch

    i had wordpress for almost 3yrs. if you dont know css code it is just another plain blog site you cant do much with. thats why people use wix n weebly. and this guy recommended squarespace; they only have a 14 day trial, they dont offer a free website, even with a cpl of ads, like weebly and wix.

    wix uses html5, it is the next gen. if chrome doesnt like wix, use firefox like i do and dump chrome or use it for other things.

    and something you need to consider; weebly has free live chat support even w free sites, wix does not offer any chat, only phone with paid site. but they both offer forums n tickets. however weebly answers tix in a timely manner, wix acts like they are on vacation in canada, slow as molassas.

    wordpress only has a forum help run by volunteer wordpress users, they arent employees, with a kind of plain blog site unless you know css code. no live chat, no phone. so consider what you get for that yearly price

    i found for a decent free site between weebly n wix, you have to choose; weebly uses html5, you can get a nice layout, it has live chat, tix n forum for free but they are attentive, however youre somewhat limited in your website abilities, with one small ad at the bottom. and you cant just place stuff anywhere and make a big glorious screaming website with little work.

    wix will let you make a big screaming website for free by placing things basically anywhere, but you have a small annoying ad at the top right, and a long-ass strip of an ad across the bottom of your page. you also do not get phone support, only forum to make tix, and for free obviously youre low priority, it may take a day or two, or longer.

  • Flareblood

    I’ve used Wix, it’s not THAT bad. Besides, I’ve even tried to make a Geocities lookalike on wix, and it looks worse than what I CAN do with Wix.

    • Giselle Trujillo

      1. Greetings to all. This is by far the most intelligent and intense WIX chat i’ve found. All parties have excellent valid points. I will now share my experience. When WIX first started out, they had the most unreliable customer services possible, they turned me off so bad, that i had to do background research on them and found out that, they are an Israeli company. I followed their growth for about 6 years, called them about 15 times within the past 4 years and WIX has, now, one of the most professional and friendly customer services out there. They have improved 1000% there.

      2. I’ve designed a few sites on WIX, in the past and true that the site did not rank at all in google, only way to get to that site is by typing in the complete domain. Bummer! This is a big problem if people don’t recall your domain 100%. The problem is still there, WIX is aware of this problem and don’t know why it’s taking them years to correct.

      3. You DO NOT own your content on WIX.

      4. Here is the only reason i like WIX, i am still designing my site on defunct Apple software IWEB, yes IWEB, I love it and the next upgrade from IWEB would be WIX, only if you love the 100% freedom to drag and drop anywhere and everywhere. WIX offers a blank template which is 1000% customizable and similar to WIX. Here check out my site, http://www.giselletrujillo.com and let me know what you guys think. Here is the big problem with not working within templates, could be a security issue, which i luckily i’ve never had.

      5. THE ONLY things i like from WIX, excellent customer service & their blank template to fill with whatever you want, truly customizable & easy to learn, a child can design on WIX if they wanted to, it’s easy and clean. And i am a visual person, so for me i like that.

      6. WIX is not only slow, but for some reason jams up my computer every time i’m working on their pages., even saving work can be a problem. What’s up with that? I wonder if they are seeding something in my computer or are their servers in Israel and everything is being transferred through some sort of security, i don’t know. What do yo guys think?

      7. Final decision on WIX, they are expensive, i’m not sure on this, but i don’t think you get your own domain email addresses with WIX, not sure if this has changed, please confirm. It has taken me about 6 years to decide for WIX and somethings just won’t let me pull the trigger with them, my intuition says NO to WIX, for one, thus they have presence in the USA as an Israeli company, i rather invest in a company that is 100% American, just because i am an American company also. I love Israel, nothing against them, just prefer to invest where i pay my taxes, that’s all.

      8. About WORDPRESS, everyone loves WORDPRESS, i don’t love WORDPRESS, it’s confusing to use, plugins don’t work correctly, you have often updates, everything is templates that everyone else is using, limited customization, need some coding experience if want to make some changes. it’s just not intuitive if you want to customize. I can’t seem to pull the trigger with them either. It’s not very secured, you are piecing a website together like a puzzle taking in from all the plugins and you just don’t know who has developed those plugins or templates. WORDPRESS is great for those who love templates and don’t care if their sites look like everyone else’s site, it’s endless in possibilities, but has a huge learning curve. Unless of course, if you know how to customize like a developer. Then WORDPRESS is great. See, i only speak from my experience, i am not a developer so i had no interest.

      9. About WEEBLY, i like them but not willing to pull the trigger just yet. Poor customer service, drag and drop is nice, fair prices, American company, limited design tools, but a good choice if you like templates and simplicity. They need to update on many levels, but have great potential.

      10. I just found out about CUBENDER, played with their 14 day trial for a bit, it offers a little of everything i am looking for, it’s expensive, it’s in Canada and not 100% there, just yet. I am not pulling the trigger here just yet, i will wait to see what happens with them.

      11. In my perfect world, what i want is a mobile IWEB design tool with all the perks of WIX and WORDPRESS, made in the USA, that plays well with google and all platforms, something that will allow my website to be found, understood and ranked with low memberships rates, excellent customer service and great up to date designer tools. Only if i were a developer, i would have offered this and more to the world.

      Does anyone have a great alternative for my needs, please share with me? My website is running on barebones and simplicity, i’m missing out on such great tools that can help me grow. Apple’s IWEB is antique comparing to the modern site/blog builders out there.

    • Mark Porto

      Is anyone here aware as to whether or not we can host a site created under the wix ide elsewhere?

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  • Capt. Obvious Jr.

    I have been a user of WIX since 2009 and I can tell you flat out there are no issues. I rank in the top 10 with my key word and search phrase and my website looks great. It is silly to think that there is anything better out there short of hiring a web designer. If you want to tweak your WIX website or make sure it is running top notch, hire a webmaster to review it and make changes where needed. Pretty simple.

  • Michelle Little

    totally agree! I’m so glad I am not the only person who felt this way!

  • David Barr

    LOL at WordPress. Wix works perfectly fine and it’s the “professional designers” that are driving the myth of WordPress.

  • bashar

    I love wix specially the new editor , I designed 10s of pure custom websites, all my clients are happy with the results, wix is using html5 and their servers are very fast, excellent support over the phone, you can add any outsource using html code…see the made websites http://www.resala.ae plus they go 50% off many times

  • William Besse

    My Wix website is more than fine and does everything i need from it.
    Most of this review is based on wix being a Flash platform, which is not the case any longer, so this review is outdated and pointless.
    Have a look and see

  • hywelt

    This piece is mostly either rubbish or factually incorrect, Wix is a good website builder for people who want a decent website without learning code. I have built over 60 sites with it and I rate it above all the other builder systems.

  • javad

    weeply.com is better

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  • Chandan Kumar Thakur

    Have a wix website ? Convert wix to wordpress with us

  • Drew Gerhard

    Wow, the writing is on the wall. Wix had to beg you rather than outranking you in the SERP. End of Story.

    I’ve never seen a serious business use a create your own platform, for many reasons. If you have a real business going, you don’t have time to spend working on your own website.

    Real professionals and business owners make the most money when they are working on their business or in their profession. For example a hairdresser charges $50 an hour, her opportunity costs make hiring someone the best option. She is always going to create the most value with her time by doing haircuts.

    Wix is for part timers and people just starting out that don’t yet have enough business to keep them busy.


  • Morgan Dax

    So, with the Wix rebuttals that address each of your concerns, I’m curious, do you still think it’s so horrible? —– I have a free Wix author website that I most certainly did not design in an hour (try two weeks) and it’s pretty attractive. The initial two weeks was just to get it designed well enough to finally publish it. It’s over a week later since going live, and I’m still updating and making changes to it, both for aesthetic reasons and content. ——- I’m grateful for your article because it’s discussed some things I had only briefly considered but hadn’t done anything about (such as loading speed), but even before coming upon this article I optimized my SEO and with just a few keywords “Morgan Dax, author” (even searching without quotes) my site comes up first on Google. —– I was worried about coding, which is why I went with Wix, even though I’m not remotely computer illiterate, I just like that I can get a great website out for free, and it’s pretty easy to use.

  • I don’t plan on using wix, and never really have done until today as I was curious if you could make a blogger template with it (My current website designer isn’t working). Out of curiosity, have you confirmed any of the rebuttals made by Wix? I know better than to take their own word for it.

  • Rick Sanchez

    WIX seems to have improved a bit since this article was written, but as far as I know, you can’t install Google Universal Analytics on a WIX site, which for someone who wants to track ecommerce or event tracking on Google is essential.

    I’m working with a client that had an existing website on WIX and am having a hellishly difficult time getting it to do anything but very basic analytics.

  • Bennett Elder

    Okay so basically your article was great feedback for Wix that they’ve used to make their product better in response. Nice job on both sides.

  • prographo

    Wix isn’t flash.

  • Nathan Varner

    you can use google webmaster with wix dude. Wix is the first example google uses

  • Philippe Ingels

    Does not look so good? Have a look at this site http://www.wakster.com Some of your points are obviously outdated but my main point is that the WIX CMS is just absolutely awesome. It allows us to be incredibly responsive in building new pages.

  • Kurai

    I like WIX because it super easy to design and can be completely customized. I highly recommend it for simple people who want something done quick without having to change templates, alter fonts and colors, and all other time consuming things. I like that it’s a hosting and design site all in one. Even if it is a bit more expensive (omg $20!!) it’s well worth it for the ease of building a site.
    I am also able to see my website all over google and I get a lot of traffic from google as well.

  • John Johnson

    You didn’t convince me at all. I have a wix website that I love. Loads fast, on google, looks good. I actually tried Word press and found it to be hard to do unless you are an “experty techie”. Unless Word Press gets a LOT EASIER it is not for most people. I’m a fan of Wix.

  • Daniel Brown

    I recommend “TemplateToaster”

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